Based in Northern California

Building the Best Brands

Full Turn Custom Apparel provides both quality custom branded apparel and superior customer service and is a trusted partner to Golf, Resort and Specialty Retailers, Professional Sports Teams, Colleges and Corporations throughout the United States and the World.

Founded as Pima Direct in 2005

Our Story

Full Turn’s sole purpose is to help you realize that the only brand you can ever truly control is your own. The core concept of Full Turn’s offering is providing you with the ability to celebrate the power of your own brand without having to share or compromise it with the brand of the apparel manufacturer.


With Full Turn as your partner, you can build a retail business without outside competition, earn higher margins, and offer greater value to your members, customers and corporate partners. Most importantly, in today’s competitive marketplace, building your own brand protects your brand value and enhances your relationship with your customer.

Luxury and Elevated Apparel

We carry the highest quality wholesale luxury and performance apparel, customized with your own branding.


Mark Killeen

Rollie Killeen
Vice President of Operations

Larry Nally
Chief Financial Officer

Customer Account Management

Justin Smith
Customer Account Manager

Ashley Wood
Customer Account Manager

Tyler Noble
Customer Account Manager

Ty Luckhurst
Customer Account Manager

Jennifer Sostchen
Accounting Manager

A Spectrum of Colors

All customized in the finest of fabrications and
completely branded with your logo.

Find your Sales Respresentative

Open Regions
Jeff Clark
Golf and Resort
Texas and Oklahoma (South of I-40)
Matt Hall
Golf and Resort
Hawaii and PGA
David McIntyre

Specialty Retailers

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,

Alabama, Kansas, Missouri,

and Memphis Tennessee


MRH Marketing-Matt Fonner
Golf and Resort
Illinois, Wisconsin
JH Team Sales-Jeff Haiskanen
Licensed Sports Teams, Colleges and Golf
North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
Open Regions
Chuck Sakmann
Golf and Resort
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut
Westchester County, Met Section, Long Island NY
Steve Scheib
Golf and Resort
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Southern Illinois

Andrew Chek
Professional Sports Teams - Northeast & Mid Atlantic
Dan Bullard
Professional Sports Teams - Midwest
H.M Withington & Associates
Licensed Sports - Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest

Epic Collective

Licensed Sports - West, Northwest, Southwest

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Social Responsibility

Full Turn is committed to ensuring
our products are produced in the finest factories where we find safe, humane, legal and fair working conditions .


We conduct business in an ethical manner and promote and protect worker’s rights worldwide and to help improve working conditions by partnering with our manufacturing partners throughout the world.


Our suppliers participate in regular audits to ensure all workers are treated in a respectful and socially responsible way..

We are longstanding members of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions in factories worldwide.