Are you looking for face coverings with true efficacy for your business, college or team? DistanZ has the BEST Custom Polygiene Mask on the market for your customers, co-workers, management, students/faculty/alumni or sports fans.


Free Custom Mask Design and Quick Turnaround to meet your timeline and budget.


Our face cover is treated with Polygiene Viral Off which is one of the most effective anti- bacterial finishes you can find. This finish is highly effective in killing bacteria providing greater protection and comfort.

Why choose DistanZ Custom Masks?

True Filtration Materials

Our 5 Layer PM2.5 Filter provides protection against contaminants as small as 2.5 microns.

Antimicrobial Properties

All masks have a Viral Off inner and outer layer and a highly efficient particle filter lining.

Adjustable Fit/E-Friendly

All masks have a nose bridge, adjustable ear toggles and are washable and reusable.

Our DistanZ Mask Story-what a year!

    April 4, 2021 marked the first full year since we created DistanZ Mask. Seems like yesterday when we received the “shelter-in-place” call from our government. We boarded up the office windows, packed up all of our computers and locked all of our custom apparel.
    The next morning, we asked our production team if they would be comfortable back in the office. We had 150,000 units of apparel on the shelf and I wanted to begin producing masks with that material. We then learned that we could be deemed an essential business by producing masks. DistanZ Mask had begun.
      In parallel, we contacted our overseas factories to begin production on a performance mask from scratch. We knew from our apparel experience that utilizing materials that provided the fit and comfort for your face was imperative. That meant the fabrics needed to dry quickly, remain cool, disallow the existence of bacteria, and prevent moisture transfer. We learned about proper fit, and what trim provided the best adjustable features and learned about filters.
    Polygiene has been a global leader in antimicrobial treatments. During SARS and MERS outbreaks in previous years, they had run testing that found that their Viral Off finish can destroy the virus. We felt with this experience, we could utilize Polygiene to provided even greater value in our performance masks.
    To date, we have sold well over a million masks. We have donated many and know we have helped keep our customers safer from this terrible virus.
    You may have seen our masks on the field during the baseball World Series, college football games and on TV during many golf PGA events. We have been fortunate to earn business from global corporate leaders such as Chevron, Salesforce, Motorola, Clorox and Unity Technologies among others. After detailed reviews, we have been selected by leading universities including Stanford, Washington, Texas and Oklahoma.
    Without your support and feedback we would not have been able to build such a wide assortment of stock and custom face coverings. THANK YOU!

Your business, college or team deserves the best face covering on the market-the DistanZ Mask!