What is Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo charcoal is charcoal derived from bamboo plants.  We make our ECOTEC products from this rare, yet important fabric to ensure the highest quality garments for our clients.  Read more below.


EcoTec Bamboo Charcoal Micro Poly 

Bamboo is a renewable resource. A bamboo forest can grow in 4-5 years. An average tree forest takes up to 60 years to grow. 
In Jhushan, Taiwan, yearly monsoons increase the amount of moisture absorbing micro pores in the bamboo grown there. This makes Moso bamboo one of the most absorbent types of bamboo on Earth. 
Moso bamboo is then heated and dried at 800 degrees Celsius until it becomes charcoal  
The charcoal is then ground into a fine ash 
The bamboo ash is infused into the liquid polyester, then spun into yarn. 
By using “second burn” or white ash, yarns can be spun in a clean white color which can produce clean and bright fabrics 

Breathable and Dry 
EcoTec yarn has several micro gaps and micro holes due to the charcoal, giving it better moisture absorption and ventilation 
This allows EcoTec to quickly absorb and disperse any moisture, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. 
Thermal Regulation 
Due to its porous nature, EcoTec feels cooler during hot days and can insulate keeping you warm on cool days. 
Prevents static electricity build up 
EcoTec particles are conductive due to the charcoal, which prevents static build up. 
Negative Ions and Far Infrared Energy 
EcoTec nano-particles absorb far infrared energy from the environment. 
These particles can also emit the same energy that helps cell activation, and promote blood circulation, similar to magnets. 
EcoTec does not require harmful chemicals for any processing and bamboo grows with very little water and no fertilizer. 
EcoTec particles are infused into the fabric rather then the typical polyester chemical coating. This means EcoTec shirts will perform for the life of the garment without diminishing effectiveness. 


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