Inverness Club | Their Best Brand is Inverness 

Inverness Club is a nationally recognized club, building on a rich heritage to provide its members and guests a memorable experience.
They are thoughtful stewards of a historic, world-class golf course. Rooted in Midwestern values and family-oriented, they strive for excellence
in a broad range of amenities and activities for their members. 


When Inverness Club was started in 1903, S.P. Jermain, a founder and first president thought the Club should have a Scottish name because the game of golf was Scotch. He picked the name Inverness from a map of Scotland. He wrote to Inverness and they gave him permission and sent the seal. The crest of Inverness Club is inscribed with the Latin words,“Concordia et Fidelitas,” which is translated to “Harmony and Faithfulness.” Members of generations past, as well as those today, are committed to service and charity.

The Course

In 1916, Inverness Club decided to hire Donald Ross, the most famous and prolific designer of his time, to design an eighteen hole championship golf course. Today, the story of championship golf in America could not be told without mention of Ross’s architectural influence. The championship course was completed in the fall of 1919. After hosting a successful Ohio Open, it was announced that Inverness Club would host the 1920 U.S. Open. This was to be the first of four Opens that Inverness Club has hosted, along with five other championships, including two of the most dramatic PGA Championships in history. It could be argued that Inverness Club served as a gateway to professional golf’s western expansion. The participants in the 1920 U.S. Open were so appreciative to the members of Inverness Club for opening their clubhouse doors, they presented the club a cathedral clock with the above inscription. For the first time in the history of professional golf, participants were welcomed into the member’s clubhouse; a gesture that has been adopted by every hosting club since. 

Evans Scholarship Program

The 1920 Inverness yearbook included an honorary member listing for Charles Evans, Jr., who later became the “patron saint of the caddies,” and in whose name the Evans Scholarship program is named. Today, more than 100,000 golfers contribute annually to this scholarship program that provides full college tuition and housing for an average of 825 caddie-scholars annually at nineteen universities. Inverness has the largest caddie program in Ohio and claims more than 125 Evans Scholars alumni.

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"The event was a huge success! The Tournament was able to raise over $33,000 for the Evans Scholar Foundation. Thanks again for all your support this year!"

Maureen McHugh-Golf Shop Manager

The Full Turn Solution for Inverness Club

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